Minnesota On A Stick : The Suburbs & P.O.S.

Photo by Kii Arens

Photo by Kii Arens

So, every year, the Minnesota State Fair goes on for two weeks. Growing up, the bands that would play the Grandstand shows were always kind of washed up, or one-hit wonders. But I have to admit, they have really stepped it up in the last few years. So, normally, I HATE, and I mean HATE going to the State Fair, but last year, they were able to reunite Semisonic for one night, and since Semisonic was one of my favorite bands, I had to go. And this year, the lineup tonight has The Suburbs and P.O.S., two of my favorite local bands, so the Fair has again enticed me to actually go. I would actually go tomorrow night to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis too, but tickets were long gone, and well, I’m not paying $75 a ticket to get in…

So, I have posted about both bands quite a few times, so I’m not going to get into either band too much. But you can get the new Suburbs record here. And they played The Current this morning, and so here’s the new single off the new album, Turn the Radio On, live on The Current.

And one of my favorite P.O.S. songs off his last album, Never Better


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Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros : It’s a Lovely Day


Okay, so when I saw this skit on SNL, I really thought it was brilliant. The people that they got to speak, the documentary style of it, and it really captured kind of that early punk and totally made fun of it in a great way. It is easily one of my favorite skits from SNL. So, when it was announced that Fred Armisen was not coming back next season, they set up a reprise of Ian Rubbish, and he performed this song live to close out the show. And if you know your indie rock/punk, you will see a few familiar faces that join Ian and the Bizarros on stage… If you like the song, you can download it here.

And if you didn’t see the skit, here it is:

You can download the rest of the songs from the skit here.

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The Riverboat Gamblers : True Crime



I have known about these guys for years, but never ended up having the opportunity to see them live until last weekend. They were one of the opening bands for the D4th of July, along with Toys That Kill, which were another great band. These guys were one of the most energetic, entertaining bands that I have ever seen. They loved performing and it totally showed. The lead singer never once stayed in the same spot more than a second, all over the stage, the speakers, into the crowd, eventually standing on the back counter and stage diving into the crowd at the end of their set. Insane stuff. At one point, he decided that he was going to hop on the table that was right next to me, and well, took out all the glasses and bottles on top of it at the same time. My beer was a victim, and ended up on me, but hey, it was worth it. I have been to several D4th of July’s, and this had to be my favorite of the bunch so far. So, I share with you today, the first song that I ever heard from them, and it immediately made me like them, and hopefully, it will make you like them too… enjoy!

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Dillinger Four – Noble Stabbings


Well, it’s that time again, time for the D4th of July! Anyone who’s a fan of this band knows how crazy D4 shows get, and well, when it’s the D4th of July, it’s about double the craziness of a regular show. And this year, they expanded it, and made it a 3 day festival event, with Banner Pilot headlining last night, and Off With Their Heads headlining tomorrow night, but tonight is the night of all the nights. Not only is D4 headlining, but The Riverboat Gamblers and Toys That Kill are opening the show. This is going to be a massive show, and a fun one at that. I can’t wait for tonight. Hope to see you there!

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The Suburbs : Don’t Do Me Any Favors

Photo by Kii Arens

Photo by Kii Arens

As I have posted before, The Suburbs have been one of my favorite bands of all time. So, when they originally broke up in 1987, it killed me. This was the last song that they released and was only released as a 12″ single, available at the last show. Ever since I had this song since 1987, it has been one of my favorite Suburbs songs, but I’m so sad that so many of their fans don’t know it, since it was such a late addition and well, it wasn’t really widely available, so it gets overlooked a lot. Now, me posting the last song that they ever released is no coincidence, in the fact that the reunited Suburbs are trying to release their first album in 27 years! They are currently going through a Kickstarter campaign, and they could really use your help! So, go over to their Kickstarter page and give what you can, and get the album when it comes out, or some cool swag, or even get a personal concert! (if you are willing to shell out the money for it) But seriously, these guys all all talented guys, and since they were screwed by two different record companies, they want to do this themselves, and I say more power to them! Let’s make sure that this song doesn’t stay the last song they ever released. Let’s get that first album in 27 years out into the world!

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Zach Sobiech : Clouds

Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech is simply an amazing inspiration for all of us. Zach was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the young age of 14. While going through numerous surgeries and chemotherapy treatments, he never let his cancer get him down. Last year, when the doctors told him there was nothing more that they could do. He turned to music. He started writing songs to deal with what he was going through, and facing death. And this song is one of the songs that he ended up writing. His mom heard the song, and loved it, and started working on getting it out there, out into the world. And so, she was able to get the resources together, and the help of others to get it recorded and get a video up on YouTube. His story and his song became an immediate viral hit. He was able to leave his mark on the world, and what a great mark it is. To understand how special this kid was, just watch this video:

And well, here’s a video for the song… and well, you might just recognize a few people in there… 🙂  And watch the above video to understand how this version of the video happened…

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Death : Politicians in my Eyes


So, I had a different post planned for today, and then I read this article last night:

Death: A ’70s Rock Trailblazer, Reborn

I had to check this band out. I mean, a band of three brothers, and are part of the movement that was pre-curser to Punk, but somehow was lost in the shuffle. And the crazy thing, they were African-American. While everyone else in the genre at the time, MC5, The Stooges, Thin Lizzy, etc… were all white, here was a band that was all black. They didn’t fit in the Motown crowd, and they didn’t fit in the rock crowd, they were outcasts in their own town. These guys were a part of punk history, but didn’t get any credit. Until now. With a new documentary out, chronicling their story, and a rejuvenated and reunited Death, the word is out. Here is the trailer for the documentary:

These guys are finally getting the accolades that they finally deserve. Unfortunately, one of the original members, David passed away in 2000 from Lung Cancer, so he never got to this happen, although, in his heart, he always knew their day would come. His brother Bobby even said “He always believed it, right to the very end. As a matter of fact, right before he died in 2000, he came to me with some additional tapes. And he said, ‘Listen, you gotta keep these.’ And I told him, I says, ‘David, I already have enough of our stuff, man.’ And he said, ‘No, Bobby, you gotta do this.’ He says, ‘Listen, the world’s gonna come looking for this music. I know that you will have it.'” So, they released the 7 songs that they recorded, and also have released a bunch of the early demos, all available on iTunes. But without further ado, here’s Politicians In My Eyes…

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