Wild Colonial Bhoys : Don’t Change (INXS Cover)

Wild_Colonial_BhoysHaving gone to the Irish Fair this past weekend to check out a lot of great bands, the music just gets stuck in my head. The Wild Colonial Bhoys played all weekend, and we saw their two sets on Friday night in the Pub tent. I have been seeing these guys for years upon years, and they never disappoint. Usually, I catch them down at the Dubliner Pub (for which I play keeper on their soccer team), which is usually just Adam and Geno. But they had the full band out that night, and it’s a fun time when the whole band is out. They just released their two CD set, called Heads and Tails. Great CD, and they put their cover of the classic INXS tune on there… although, it doesn’t stay too much off the original, the addition of the fiddle is a nice touch… enjoy!


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2 Responses to Wild Colonial Bhoys : Don’t Change (INXS Cover)

  1. Andy Schuster says:

    Hey Andy from WCB here, this is silly, but can you update or remove this band pic? This pic shows up near the top of the google image search results when you search for us, and as a result bars constantly use this photo to advertise for us when we play gigs (even though we email them the picture we want them to use, they still go out and find this one) but this pic is 15 years old! Can you help us out? Let me know, thanks!

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