Fort Minor : Kenji

It’s been a while since I have pulled this song out. It’s a little emotional for me. My middle name is Kenji, so, when I first got the Fort Minor CD, I was kind of excited to listen to this song, I mean, hey, it’s my middle name! I didn’t really know what I was in for when I first listened to it, by the end of the song, I was in tears. I still have a hard time with this song sometimes. You see, it’s about the internment of the Japanese American’s during World War II and the racial hatred towards the Japanese Americans. Now, why it’s a bit emotional for me is that my father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, all my family were rounded up and put into internment camps. My mother was a newborn when going to Rohwer, and my grandmother was so dehydrated on the trip that she couldn’t give milk, and my mother wouldn’t take the formula. She nearly died making the trip to the internment camp. My father’s family went to Manzanar, and if you ever visit, there’s pictures of them at the site, and they are in the opening visitors video. So, listening to the lyrics hit home for me. Having known what they had to go through, what they endured, it makes me sad. Remember how precious freedom is, because even your own country will take it away from it’s own citizens, having done nothing wrong. The photo at the top is my father’s family at Manzanar…

“Now the names have been changed, but the story’s true,
My family was locked up back in ’42,
My family was there it was dark and damp,
And they called it an internment camp”


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