The Promise Ring : B is for Bethlehem

Building on yesterday’s post, this is The Promise Ring, which is the band that Davey Von Bohlen started after the demise of Cap’n Jazz. They definitely continued the progress of Emo after what Cap’n Jazz had started, and I actually think that they excelled and did it better than his original band could ever do. I think the song writing is more mature, more polished, and the vocals are unique and spot on for the music. I loved the Promise Ring, and was always disappointed that I never had the chance to see them. In 1999, the band experienced a terrible auto accident when their van had hit a patch of black ice, and flipped over ejecting all of the members of the band. They were all hospitalized, but okay, and eventually got back to recording their next album, which would be their last. Davey was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which was the size of a fist and removed, luckily, it was benign. But there were complications, and a terrible infection ensued, forcing Davey to go through another surgery that would removed a piece of his skull, which was later replaced. This time off was too much for the band, and they eventually broke up. Davey did come back to music later, forming a new band called Maritime, and late last year, The Promise Ring announced that they were doing some reunion shows this year, unfortunately, none of them are near me, so hopefully, more dates will be announced soon…

UPDATE: I went to the Promise Ring reunion show here in Minneapolis at The Varsity Theater. It was awesome, and they were great! I took a video of them doing B is for Bethlehem, so here it is!


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