Matt Skiba and the Sekrets : Voices

You might recognize the name Matt Skiba, as he is one of the founding members of the pop punk band, Alkaline Trio. Don’t worry, Alkaline Trio hasn’t broken up, but Matt wanted to release some of the material that he’s been working on, but that didn’t quite work for Alkaline Trio, or just some other material that he wanted to release, but never quite made it to an Alkaline Trio album. While the album as a whole is different than any of the AT albums, it stays very much in familiar territory, so AT fans will not be disappointed, and new fans just might make that leap over to AT… This particular song has the Trio sound written all over, and wouldn’t be out of place on one either. It’s very much Skiba signature writing. I personally love it and think it’s the strongest song on the album. So, if you are a fan, or just checking it out, I think you just might like it…


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