The Siren Six! : One Sided

Back in the mid 90’s, the third wave of ska was in full force, and Minnesota had quite a few bands that were making a name for themselves nationally for their brand of ska, and The Siren Six! were one of those bands. Signed to Kingpin Records, a small label specializing in Ska Bands, they released their debut, The Voice with a Built-In Promise in 1996. Their sound was based in the Two Tone Ska era, mixed with a bit of Mod rock and a little emo-punk. They even dressed the part, taking cues from the Two Tone Era, on stage, they dressed in black and white. They had a phenomenal live show, full of energy, and the crowd on their feet and skankin’. Their sound was irresistible, and you couldn’t help but move your feet! They eventually moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of signing a major record deal. They were all living in one apartment, squeezing mattresses anywhere they could, and having little to no money, playing shows for next to nothing. The record deal never came, and they eventually broke up. The third wave ska kick eventually faded, now we are just left with memories and thankfully, their records… so enjoy this little gem from the past…

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