Animal Chin : Bleed

Now we get to one of my favorite bands from the Minneapolis Third Wave Ska era, and that’s Animal Chin. They formed back in 1996 and released their first CD, All The Kids Agree a year later. As you might have guessed, they took their name from the infamous skater movie, The Search for Animal Chin, who starred a very young Tony Hawk. This band took all the great things about ska, and combined it with all that was great about pop punk at the time, and just made an incredible sound that hasn’t been matched since. Jamie Woolford’s unique vocal sounds help set them apart from other bands at the time. Andrew Gruhn provided great melodic bass lines and harmonic vocals, and B.J. Wuollet rounded out the trio on drums. Unfortunately, the band didn’t last too long, and split up before releasing their second full length album, 20 Minutes from Right Now, on the now famed label, Fueled by Ramen. Man, I miss these guys, another band that broke up well before their time was up. Well, enjoy the song!


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5 Responses to Animal Chin : Bleed

  1. I’ve read a few of your articles and noticed you have an interest in ska music that is catchy. Have you heard of Suburban Legends? As you can probably tell from my tag, I’m a huge fan of theirs. Here are a few of their best songs to get you acquainted.

    • I actually have heard of Suburban Legends and I do own some of their stuff. I came across them by accident actually. I had been trolling on iTunes, and I remembered Reel Big Fish singing about a band that broke up, and well, I mixed up Suburban Legends with Suburban Rhythm. But I was still pleasantly surprised when I listened to Suburban Legends, so I bought some of their stuff… 🙂

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