The Stereo : New Tokyo is Calling

This post isn’t ska, but it relates to yesterday’s post on Animal Chin. When Animal Chin broke up, Jamie Woolford went onto form a new band, called The Stereo with Rory Phillips of The Impossibles. The record label, Fueled By Ramen had pushed the idea of them collaborating on something, and when they finally met up, and started working together, it just all fell into place. They ended up releasing their debut album in 1999, Three Hundred, which in 2009, Alternative Press named it one of the “Top Ten albums that shaped Punk Today.” The band ended up releasing a total of 3 albums and one EP before breaking up in 2002. Jamie then moved to Arizona and formed a new band called Let Go, but unfortunately, the band only released one album before disbanding. Currently, he is producing and engineering such bands like The Gin Blossoms, Hit the Lights and Punchline…  The Stereo did reunite for one show last year, the 15th Anniversary show for Fueled by Ramen, which also featured Paramore and Fun. You can view the whole show on YouTube, here and here. But for now, enjoy New Tokyo…


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2 Responses to The Stereo : New Tokyo is Calling

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  2. Laura says:

    Three Hundred is one of my favourite albums of all time – so good!

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