Skanatra : Fly Me to the Moon

Well, as you might have guessed by the name of the band, Skanatra literally does ska covers of Frank Sinatra tunes. It seems appropriate, since they all come from Hoboken, NJ, Frank’s birthplace. Fran Azzarto said that the band was actually a joke that was thrown around… “My brother Matt and I always wanted to start a ska band when we were playing in the Gefkens, one night we were sitting around having a few drinks and Matt actually came up with the idea of playing ska versions of Sinatra. Jim Higgins came up with the name. So around that time I was talking to a friend of mine who was booking a big club in Philly and he mentioned that the English Beat was coming around on tour. Well, I loved the English Beat as a kid, they were one of my favorite bands, so I said, ‘you know, I have this ska band, we’d love to open for them.’ So he booked us. Then I had to go back to Matt and say, ‘hey, remember that crazy idea we had for the Sinatra ska band? Well, we better learn some songs because we’ve got a gig.’ We actually had a show before we even had a real band.” The rest is history. They were together for over a decade, and released two studio albums, both of which are on iTunes. They did eventually break up back in 2006, but they occasionally get back together to play a festival here or there. Most recently, the Hoboken Fall Arts and Music Festival last year… so, who knows, they might just come back out of retirement one or two more times…


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