The English Beat : Ranking Full Stop

I guess I have been on a big ska kick lately, and today’s post comes from the band who got me into ska, The English Beat. They were on the forefront of the Second Wave Ska, along with bands like The Specials, The Selector, Madness and Bad Manners. The Beat, as they were known in England because there was a band in the States named The Beat so they had to add “English” to the name, toed the line of being a little too pop for some of the ska purists. This was more so later in their career, as songs like “I Confess” and “Save it For Later” showed they could write pop gems that were more poppy than they were ska. But if it wasn’t for that pop side to them, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into the ska side of things, and then deep into my love of ska, so the Beat will always have a special place in my heart, more than some of the other ska bands that came out of that era. After the band split, Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger formed General Public and had a successful run with them. Andy Cox and David Steele went onto form The Fine Young Cannibals. In the UK, Ranking Roger took the name, The Beat, and is touring under that name. In the US, they keep touring under the name, The English Beat, even though, Dave Wakeling is the only original member. I hold off seeing them because of that. But I do hope that someday, the original members will come together, put aside their differences, and play again. Until that time, enjoy the track…


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