Bloc Party : So Here We Are

Today, Bloc Party released a trailer for their new album that will be released this year, Four. With that, it reminds me of the first song that I had ever heard from them. It was on some british music video site, which is now long gone, but they played the newest alternative music coming out of the UK, and I loved it, I discovered so many bands through it, and Bloc Party was one of them. The album, Silent Alarm hadn’t even been released yet, but the lead single, So Here We Are had a video, and I watched and listened and was amazed. Dreamy, etheral with a little bit of shoegaze mixed in, and I was hooked. I had ordered Silent Alarm off Amazon UK, as the US release date had not even been announced, but I was so glad I did, I played that CD so much. Although, their next two releases never reached the heights that Silent Alarm did, there were always gems within the whole of the album. In 2011, there were rampant rumors that Kele had left the band, or that Kele was kicked out, but fortunately, those rumors weren’t true, and they are putting the finishing touches on their soon to be released CD. But until that day comes, that first magical CD will be getting a lot of play in my iTunes… enjoy…


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