Baddiel, Skinner and The Lighting Seeds : Three Lions

Well, as Euro 2012 approaches, the good ol’ football songs come out, well, okay, soccer songs for us in the US, but I do still like to refer to it as football, since, you actually use your feet, not like American football, where you use your hands, but I digress. I know this was originally done for the Euros back in 1996, but still, it’s a great song, and well, it will always be associated with England, no matter what tournament they are in. I know their chances aren’t very good, but I will still be singing this song, cheering on merry old England. The Lighting Seeds were the brain child of Ian Broudie, who at the time, produced such notable bands like Echo and The Bunnymen, and the Icicle Works. He decided to try to do the music, rather than just produce it, and thus formed The Lighting Seeds. He scored a hit with the song “Pure,” but none of the other singles seemed to reach the success of Pure. Well, until he teamed up with the comedy duo of Baddiel and Skinner, who had a radio show about Fantasy Football and such. They collaborated, and came up with this song, and it became a huge international hit. It was arguably even more popular in Germany than it was in it’s homeland of England. It’s a very catchy song, and captures the heartbreak of every fan, knowing their England may never repeat the success of the 1966 World Cup victory…


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