Monaco : What Do You Want From Me

When New Order went on an indefinite hiatus back in the mid-90’s, Peter Hook had experimented with a couple of projects, one of them being Revenge, which didn’t work out, and the other, Monaco, which also didn’t work out, but I did really like this band. It really was just a New Order clone, but still, they did it well. David Potts, the other founding member of the band even sounds like Bernard Sumner. It has all the signature sounds from New Order, and in fact, if you didn’t know the back story, and closed your eyes, you would swear that you were listening to New Order… New Order has since reformed, but without Peter Hook, who is currently working on his new project, Peter Hook and the Light. They don’t seem to be doing any new material, but keep rehashing Joy Division… Sometimes with success, sometimes without… Apparently, the second Monaco self-titled album is highly sought after, so if you have it, keep a hold of it. I have mine…  🙂 Well, enjoy the song…


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