Electronic : Late At Night

Electronic is a super group of sorts… Bernard Sumner of New Order wanted to do some more directional exploration from where New Order were at, but they weren’t really receptive to his ideas at the time, so he decided that he was going to do a solo album, to get those ideas out there. One problem, he didn’t like working alone. So, he recruited the one and only Johnny Marr to help him out, and thus Electronic was formed. They formed in 1998, and remained an off and on side project for the two throughout the next decade, with Sumner going back to New Order and Johnny Marr going to The The, Johnny Marr and the Healers, and also Modest Mouse. When they released their first album, they also collaborated with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys, and had an instant hit with the song, Getting Away With It. The next two albums from the group never quite found the commercial success that the first album did, but they were still fantastic albums in my eyes. This song comes from their third and last release, Twisted Tenderness. I am so thankful for Electronic, for if it wasn’t for Electronic, I don’t think New Order would have gone the direction that they did which produced the song, Regret, which is still one of my all time favorites from New Order. Regret has Electronic written all over it… well, Enjoy the song!


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