Bob Marley & The Wailers : Simmer Down

So, before Bob Marley became the Reggae legend that he is, he was a ska man. The early work from Bob was definitely ska, and The Wailers consisted of Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Ska was a huge musical genre in Jamaica, which eventually morphed into Reggae. While, a lot of people think that Ska and Reggae are the same, they aren’t. Ska has a faster rhythm, with emphasis on the upbeat, while reggae is much slower, with more emphasis on the offbeat. Ska always has some kind of horn section, while reggae does not. I actually prefer the ska era of Bob Marley than the reggae era, but I do appreciate what he did when he was reggae. I just prefer the upbeat than the slowness of reggae… So, here is Simmer Down, the ska classic…

And well, I forgot the mention that The Mighty Mighty Bosstones did a cover of this classic tune, so, enjoy their version of the song also…


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