The Bruce Lee Band : Superman

Mike Park, Triple Rock Social Club

When Mike Park first left Skankin’ Pickle, his first solo project was The Bruce Lee Band. Using the nickname that he adopted while in Skankin’ Pickle, he pulled together members of Less Than Jake to become his back up band for the project. For the second Bruce Lee Band album, he brought together members of the RX Bandits to back him up. So, although this was a “band,” Mike was really the only permanent member of the band. The band later became known as The B. Lee Band, to avoid any legal suits that might have come from the Bruce Lee estate. This song comes from the debut release, with Less Than Jake backing him up. As you listen, it’s very apparent that Less Than Jake did have a say into the sound of the music, as there are signature elements of the Less Than Jake sound, but the songs are definitely all Mike Park. Although, Mike Park is still writing and touring on his own as an acoustic performer, I still wish he would hook up with a band again, and get that punk ska energy back out…


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