Slapstick : The Park

So, Mike Park after leaving Skankin’ Pickle, not only started The Bruce Lee Band, but he took to expanding the record company part of things, so he renamed Dill Records to Asian Man Records, and one of the first bands that he signed to the label were Slapstick. Who were young and energetic, more punk than ska, but they did have horns, but definitely, the punk side was the more dominant in the overall sound of the band. Although they lasted only a mere three years, and only putting out one full length album and several 7″s, their legend still lives on to those who remember them. Members moved onto successful projects, like Alkaline Trio and The Lawrence Arms. They reunited for the Asian Man Records 15th Anniversary, and apparently loved it so much, that they have decided to do it again at Riot Fest Chicago in September. So, if you are planning on going to Riot Fest, you might want to think about checking them out, they were a great band back in the day… Well, enjoy The Park…


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