The Specials : Doesn’t Make It Alright

The Specials debut album is easily one of the best debut’s ever. And I mean ever. With songs like Concrete Jungle, Gangsters, Nite Klub, A Message To You Rudy, Too Hot, Monkey Man, You’re Wondering Now, and this song, the hits really just keep coming off this album. This album was a game changer for the Two Tone Era, this album helped take the new ska sound to the bigger audience and helped it become a mainstream genre, and helped solidify the Two Tone Era’s place in history. Although the original band only released two albums, they were both incredible. Unfortunately, there’s been reunited bands that have some of the members, but not the full original line-up, and while they have been okay, they never have matched up to the original line-up, which I will always only refer to The Specials as those first two albums… Well, enjoy one of my favorites, one with a message that I feel is timeless…


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