The Fixx : Stand or Fall

Sorry about the hiatus, I was on vacation, but now I’m back. I actually meant to post this before I left, but didn’t have time to, so here it is now. The Fixx was one of the 80’s bands that I loved, but forgot about until recently. They have reunited and are doing a tour for a album of new material released today! It’s called Beautiful Friction. They are actually doing a free show in Rochester, I will have to see if I can make it to it, since Rochester is kind of a haul to get to from the cities. This song was always one of my favorites from them, I know that other songs from them always took the spotlight, songs like One Thing Leads to Another and Saved By Zero. I have yet to buy the new CD, but I did download the new song, Anyone Else, and it’s as good as anything of old… but nothing beats the old stuff, so here’s Stand or Fall… oh, and check out their tour page here, they might just be coming to your town.

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