Iron Maiden : Prowler

Once in a while, I go back to my pre-teen self, and dig out some of the old metal that I used to listen to. Though, many bands just don’t make the cut these days, Iron Maiden is one of those bands that still get pulled out every now and then. Last week, I pulled out the first, self-titled album. It still is a great album, and I think one of the things that makes me go back to it, is that it has a somewhat punk feel to many of the songs. And I do attribute my transitioning to punk to listening to Iron Maiden and (early) Metallica. This is when Paul DiAnno was still the vocalist, before Bruce Dickinson came in, and he does have a less refined, more raspy, more punk kind of vocals than Bruce did. I think that is one of the reasons that Iron Maiden blew up after Paul left, the vocals were more metal, they were more refined, and he has a wider range. It amazes me that Iron Maiden is still going strong, and still touring the world. They have their own private jet, and Bruce flies it for them. Although they might not be one of my current favorite bands, I still hold a lot of respect for these guys. Check out the song Prowler…


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