Blestenation : Cruel Summer (Bananarama Cover/Remix)

This was another song that was cut from the Un-Book Club’s party mix, it was one of the last ones to get cut, and I was a little sad to see it go, but I just wasn’t sure what the other members of the Un-Book Club would have thought of it, since my wife wasn’t really a fan when I first played it. To me, this is one of the perfect summer songs, and the way that this remix works is that the rappers work in “conversations” with Bananarama throughout the song, through all the sampling from the original song. It’s pretty clever, and it’s quite catchy in my opinion. I had no idea who these guys were before watching the movie Blue Crush, and it was used in the credit sequence, and I instantly fell for it, even buying the soundtrack, just to get this song. They never reached any kind of popularity other than this song. But hey, if you are going to have one hit song, it’s a pretty good one to have…


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4 Responses to Blestenation : Cruel Summer (Bananarama Cover/Remix)

  1. Alyson says:

    Future blog idea: Top Ten 80s Remixes. I would devour such a posting (and probably go download everything like I just downloaded this one). 🙂

  2. Hmmm, that is going to take some digging. This song is probably the best one…

  3. Have you downloaded Girl Talk yet? I’m pretty sure that you will love it! He is the best Mash Up artist I have ever heard… Takes hip hop and puts it over a lot of 80’s music samples… Download for free it here:

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