Madness : It Must Be Love

When Madness played the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics, it really made me realize that most people only know the song, Our House. Madness had 14 Top Ten hits in the UK, but Our House was the only one that made it across the pond and become a hit here. There are so many great songs by Madness, and in choosing a song for this post, it was really hard for me to choose. I eventually came to choose this one. The reason I chose this song is that it’s one that’s as poppy as Our House, and I am hoping to get more people to check out the rest of the Madness catalog. This song was a big hit for them in the UK, and it’s actually even being used in a VW Passat ad now. So, you might even recognize it from there. So, hopefully, this will get you to check out more song from Madness…


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