Sex Pistols : Anarchy In The UK


So, in the last day or so, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, came out with his little conspiracy theory, that Obama had orchestrated the shooting in Aurora and in Wisconsin at the Sikh temple to further push control laws. Now, I didn’t know that Dave was a conservative republican, but furthermore, I didn’t know that he was as crazy as Ted Nugent is. To accuse the President of orchestrating  mass killings is ridiculous. And if he really wants to stand by that, then I could easily say that George W. orchestrated 9/11 so he could start a war with Iraq! Now, we all know that a sitting President would not sacrifice his own people to further an agenda. So, this all led to a discussion on how crappy Megadeth’s music is anyway. A man who was kicked out of Metallica for being a huge drunk. A man, who’s fame has been minor at best, and Megadeth’s best known song has been a cover of the Sex Pistols, and a crap one at that. He changed many of the lyrics, and even changed the lyrics to be USA instead of UK. The Sex Pistols is the ONLY version, period. The Sex Pistols changed music, they inspired a generation. Megadeth can’t say that. Although, Metallica can…


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