Oasis : Wonderwall

So, when I was watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, Beady Eye came on, and performed. Now, much to my horror, I thought Liam sounded terrible, nasally and a little off key. I know that some people didn’t think it was that bad of a performance, but the overall consensus is that it was not a good performance. From what I understand, Beady Eye has been performing Oasis songs now, after Noel has been performing them live. To me, it makes sense that Noel sings them, he wrote them. But Liam didn’t write those songs, he sung them, but didn’t write them. More of the sibling rivalry that they are so known for. Now, I admit, that Noel isn’t the best singer for the song, but I almost prefer Noel’s singing to Liam’s performance at the Olympics. There’s always controversy and drama when talking about the Gallaghers. But I will say this, Liam, listen to the original, an get back to that. It was magical then. With your latest performance, it was almost a mockery of that magical version with Oasis…


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