The Rave-Ups : Positively Lost Me

The countdown to Transmissions annual tribute to John Hughes continues with The Rave-Ups. We are first introduced to the name when the band’s name is scrawled prominently on Samantha’s (Molly Ringwald) 3-ring binder before leaving for school that day in Sixteen Candles. Not many people caught it, and the one’s who did thought that they found something special. Molly’s sister was dating the lead singer/guitarist for the band, and that’s how she first got into them. When John was looking for bands to appear in the nightclub for some scenes in Pretty In Pink, Molly convinced John to go to a show of theirs and check them out. Well, it went really well, and The Rave-Ups were featured twice in Pretty in Pink, first singing their song “Rave Up, Stand Up” and then this song “Positively Lost Me.” Those appearances and exposure landed the band a major label contract with Epic, but when their debut release, The Book of Your Regrets failed to sell many records, they were almost dropped. But with their release of their next album, Chance, they were redeemed with two college radio hits “Respectfully, King of Rain” and “She Says (Come Around).” Unfortunately, those two hits did not garner enough sales to stop the label from dumping them. They eventually broke up. But they forever left their mark in history in Pretty In Pink


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