Simple Minds : Don’t You (Forget About Me)

One day to go and the countdown to Transmissions annual tribute to John Hughes continues with Simple Minds. This song from the Breakfast Club is arguably the most popular song to ever come out of a John Hughes film. While the Simple Minds were known across the pond for quite a while before this song, it was this song that made their popularity explode in the US. Ironically, their first US hit wasn’t even written by them. It was written by Keith Forsey, and actually was offered to both Billy Idol and Brian Ferry, both who turned it down before the Simple Minds decided to record it. Their popularity continued after this song, when they released the album, Once Upon a Time, which produced three hit singles, Alive and Kicking, Sanctify Yourself and All The Things She Said. Their popularity could not be kept up though, and with each album seeing a decline in sales from the one before it. They eventually broke up, but this year, they did reunite for a tour commemorating the release of X5, a box set of their first five releases. Rumor has it that they are staying together and releasing a new album of new material next year. Only time will tell, but for now, revel in the brilliance of this song…


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