Flight of the Conchords : Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

Photo Courtesy of Deborah Cannon

I was devastated when the Flight of the Conchords decided to stop doing the show after only two seasons. It was one of my favorite shows on TV, probably ever. They were funny, smart, creative and the songs were amazingly catchy. They decided to stop, because it was hard for them to keep writing an average of 4 songs for each episode, and make the songs work within the story, and still have the songs be up to their standards, and I can totally see where the pressure of that would be too much. It won’t stop me from missing them though. And so, when Cure Kids in New Zealand asked them to do a song for Charity in the annual Red Nose Day, they jumped at the chance. Now, while this is a Conchords song, they enlisted the help of some other New Zealand artists, while I have never heard of any of them, I’m sure that they are pretty big in NZ. The long form of the video shows the Conchords interviewing kids, and it’s amazingly hilarious, and those interviews with the kids turn out to be the lyrics to the song. So, you have to really watch the whole video to understand the lyrics to the song at the end of the video. I know it’s long, 15 minutes or so, but it’s so worth it. In the description of the video, it tells you how you can get the song, and how you can donate to the charity. If you love the song, please consider donating to the charity…

And here’s the video of just the song, but I don’t recommend watching it without watching the full version above…


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