Journey : Open Arms (with Arnel Pineda)

Journey with Arnel Pineda played the State Fair this year, and I really kind of wanted to go, but we already had tickets to the Semisonic show the night before, and I was way more excited about that show than the Journey show. I know, we could have gone both nights, but I am just not into the fair enough to do two nights in a row. Especially since the tickets to shows don’t include admission price, so, it’s another $12 on top of the price of the ticket, and it just gets way too pricey… But I love the story of Arnel Pineda. A lead singer for a cover band called The Zoo, playing bars in the Philippines to empty rooms. Someone started posting videos of the band to YouTube performing their covers, one of them Faithfully by Journey. Then something magical happened, it went viral. Making the rounds around the internet, and finally making it to Neal Schoen. Who just happened to be looking for someone to replace Steve Augeri, who was forced to leave the band because of illness. Neal tried contacting him several times, but Arnel thought it was a joke, and kept ignoring him. Finally, his friend convinced him to take the call. He flew to California for an audition, and the rest is history. I’m still amazed at the voice this guy has, and he’s about 95% Steve Perry. There’s still just a few things that he can’t quite get there on, but you would never know it. One day, I will get to see Arnel live, and I will enjoy the heck out of it…

Here’s one of the videos that got him the audition, Arnel playing with his cover band, The Zoo…


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