RVIVR : Seethin’

RVIVR is a band that came out of the ashes from the break-up of the band, Latterman. These guys are very much in the same vein, and very much like another band that I blogged about earlier, Iron Chic. Seriously, these guys are some awesome melodic punk, much in the vein of Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, D4, Iron Chic, Latterman, etc… if you like the gritty melodic punk, give these guys a listen. What’s actually super cool, and very punk of them is that their music is free. You can download their music for free, all they ask is that if you like it, you donate to them. Pretty awesome system. You can download their stuff right off the Rumbletone Records website. So, check out the tune, if you like it, check out more of their stuff, and donate to them. Because I want to see this band to keep putting out awesome stuff…


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