The Evening Rig : Pullin’ Strings

I have blogged about these guys before, and I love them. They do sound a lot like The Replacements, but they do have a little more “twang” in their music than The Replacements did. They funded this new album through Kickstarter a few months ago, and were able to reach their goal within a few days. Being a backer, I was excited about the new album, and I finally got it over the weekend. It’s been playing constantly in my iTunes ever since. While I like Is Doin’ Stuff and Never Been’er a little better, since they are a little more rock, and a little less twang, this is still a really solid album. I will support these guys every step of the way, since I think they have a great sound and a great stage show, so if you get the chance, check them out. Although, they won’t be playing any shows until the new year, as drummer Becky Hanten is expecting her first child… But after that, check them out!


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