Hüsker Dü : In A Free Land

I saw Bob Mould play at First Avenue last Saturday, and it was quite an amazing show. It was vintage Bob as he rolled back the years, and showed he still can play with the best of them. The show marked the 20th Anniversary of Sugar’s Copper Blue album, so he played that album from start to finish, then went into his new album, The Silver Age, which is fantastic in my opinion. Very much like late Hüsker, early Sugar. But at the end of the show, he threw in a few choice numbers from the early Hüsker days. First, he went into I Apologize from New Day Rising, then into a blistering version of Chartered Trips. The encore consisted of two songs that he rarely plays now, but were welcomed with open arms to those who know of Bob’s past. The first was Something I Learned Today off Zen Arcade, and he ended the show with In A Free Land off Everything Falls Apart. It was an amazing treat for those of us who have followed his career from the beginning. This was one of my favorite shows by Bob, and I have seen many. So, if you are on the west coast, and still have the opportunity to see him, do. You won’t regret it.


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