The Langer’s Ball : The Whiskey Chaser

The Langer’s Ball is a local irish folk punk band, much in the vein of The Pogues or Flogging Molly. They started off as a duo of Michael Sturm and Hannah Rediske, but eventually added a full band to the mix, including Drew Miller, Trevor Jurgens and Derek Jaimes, after they wanted to bring their full band sound from their CD’s to the stage. The result is some great celtic folk punk. As their popularity grew as a full band, they took to Kickstarter to fund their newest CD, The Devil or The Barrel. I have known Mike and Hannah for years, so I proudly helped fund their effort, and soon, it was fully funded with still well over a week to go. So, I have to say, when I got that CD, and popped it into my player, I was certainly amazed at how well the CD came out. This is the opening track to the album, and well, it’s a rockin’ tune, and a fun one at that! So, check it out, and get the CD!


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