Sugar : Tilted

Ever since the Bob Mould Copper Blue/Silver Age show, I have been constantly listening to Hüsker Dü, Bob Mould and Sugar. When I dug out the Beaster EP from Sugar, I really forgot how good this was. The main thing that I remember when I first got it was, how aggressive, how dark, how it was actually a little disturbing with it’s references to religion, how it’s so in your face, wall of sound it was. Something that was so different than Copper Blue, and I liked it. Beaster was actually made up of B-Sides that never made it onto Copper Blue, and for good reason, these songs are so different, it would have been like putting Mötorhead on a Barry Manilow album, okay, not that drastic, but you get what I mean. This song was the first single, and technically, the only single, although JC Auto was played quite a bit in concert along with Tilted. This song is amazing. I just hope you think it’s just as amazing as I do…


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1 Response to Sugar : Tilted

  1. giugjg says:

    Awesome!!!! so underrated

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