Inspiral Carpets : She Comes In The Fall

I just recently found out that the Inspiral Carpets are reuniting, and that they will be touring, but unfortunately, not in the states, well, at least for now. But they will be playing their full length debut album, Life in it’s entirety. The Carpets were a big player in the whole Madchester scene, but not quite as popular as some of their compatriots, like The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays. When the album Life came out, I loved it, and still do. I remember when I first heard this song, dancing to it at the Sunday Night Dance Party at First Avenue, which, back then, was the place to be if you were of drinking age. I got to see them play First Avenue later that year, and also a little over a year later when they toured for their follow up, The Beast Inside. They were a great band live, and I can only assume that they still have that magic in their shows. Hopefully, they will make it over here, but in the meantime, I will just have to have my memories from First Ave…


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