Rise Against : Make It Stop (September’s Children)

I was not aware that October is National Bully Prevention Month, I only found out about this today, when someone on Facebook had posted about it. This is a problem that has been around since the beginning of time essentially. It really has to stop. Being a geeky kid growing up, and being asian, I saw a lot of bullying and racism. It was not easy for me. But as the campaign says, It gets better. It does. My life in infinitely better than it was when I was growing up and right now, at this moment, I wouldn’t give up my life for anything. It’s perfect. Punk in America grew it’s base from the geeks, the outcasts, the freaks, these groups banded together, and let punk be their voice. So, it’s not surprising that so many punk bands are against bullying. Rise Against is a product of many of those early punk bands, they grew up fans, and have been passed the torch, and are carrying it on. Last year, they released this song, and an incredibly powerful video, taking on the subject of bullied gay teens. I won’t get into it, because I think the video really is so powerful in it’s message, and speaks for itself. Watch the video, and spread the message of tolerance.

Woah, woah.

Bang, bang go the coffin nails, like a breath exhaled,
Then gone forever.
It seems like just yesterday, how did I miss the red flags raised?
Think back to the days we laughed.
We braved these bitter storms together.
Brought to his knees he cried,
But on his feet he died.

What God would damn a heart?
And what God drove us apart?
What God could?

Make it stop.
Let this end.
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It’s come to this,
A weightless step.
On the way down singing,
Woah, woah.

Bang, bang from the closet walls,
The schoolhouse halls,
The shotgun’s loaded.
Push me and I’ll push back.
I’m done asking, I demand.

From a nation under God,
I feel its love like a cattle prod.
Born free, but still they hate.
Born me, no I can’t change.

It’s always darkest just before the dawn.
So stay awake with me, let’s prove them wrong.

Make it stop.
Let this end,
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It’s come to this,
A weightless step.
On the way down singing,
Woah, woah.

The cold river washed him away,
But how could we forget?
The gatherings hold candles, but not their tongues.

And too much blood has flown from the wrists,
Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss.
Who will rise to stop the blood?

We’re calling for,
Insisting on, a different beat, yeah.
A brand new song.

Whoa, whoa [x3]
(Tyler Clementi, age 18.
Billy Lucas, age 15.
Harrison Chase Brown, age 15
Cody J. Barker, age 17
Seth Walsh, age 13.)

Make it stop,
Let this end.
This life chose me, I’m not lost in sin.
But proud I stand of who I am,
I plan to go on living.

Make it stop,
Let this end,
All these years pushed to the ledge,
But proud I stand, of who I am,
I plan to go on living


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