Soul Asylum : Endless Farewell

I was shocked when I heard the news that Dan Murphy was leaving Soul Asylum. He was a founding member of the band, and had been with them since 1981, when their name was Loud Fast Rules. While the band has gone through a slew of drummers, and tragically lost other founding member Karl Mueller to cancer in 2005, it’s always been Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy. Many people know of Soul Asylum because of the album, Grave Dancer’s Union, which had the hit, Runaway Train, and catapulted the band into super stardom, and even led Dave Pirner to do the absolute dick move of dumping his girlfriend of 12 years for Winona Ryder, who obviously didn’t stay with him too long, when the next big thing came… While I loved Soul Asylum up until their big hit success, I pretty much forgot about them after that. I had many great memories of going to their shows and listening to their music. I still bring out the album Hang Time quite a bit, as shown here. So, as I was trying to figure out a song to post in memory of Dan’s involvement with Soul Asylum, it became apparent that it had to be Endless Farewell… Here’s to you Dan!

“What I want so badly to be someone you can call a friend, till we meet again.
Endless Farewell. Hello, Hello, Hello again. Endless Farewell.”

Well, crap, I’m having a hard time getting the song to embed, so, here’s a link to the song.


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