Kitchens of Distinction : Gorgeous Love

I live in Minnesota, and currently on the ballot is an amendment to put into our Minnesota constitution to make gay marriage illegal. It actually is already outlawed in Minnesota right now, but the people behind it want it to be put into the constitution, as a constitutional amendment is much harder to reverse than a law. It is really trying to put discrimination into our constitution and it’s wrong. The idea of gay marriage is gaining acceptance day by day, and that’s what these people are afraid of. It doesn’t affect anyone else’s marriage, it does nothing to the “institution” of marriage, all it does is give a set of people equal rights to show their love for another human being. Just some 40 or so years ago, inter-racial marriage was illegal. If it was 40 years ago, my wife and I couldn’t have married each other. Now, we look back, and wonder why people were so racist back then. Our children will look back at us, and wonder why we were so bigoted to deny gays to marry. The time will come, it will be legal. Do we really want to be seen as the bigoted generation? So, when this subject of gay marriage comes up, it always reminds me of this song. The Kitchens of Distinction were a british shoe gazer band from the early 90’s, who’s lead singer was openly gay. Very open in fact, that many of the lyrics that he wrote had to do with him being and dealing with being gay. This song is really just about love, and when I saw them in the 7th St. Entry back in 1991, when introducing this song, he just said “For this next song, just grab the person you love and hold onto them tightly.” Why this song always reminds me of the gay marriage fight, is because the opening lines are so telling…

“I can feel the waves of your gorgeous love
And it hurts to think that this is seen as wrong.
I can take your pain, anything, to overcome our fear
And we’re strong, strong enough to prove it.”

So, if you are in Minnesota, I hope that you Vote No on the marriage amendment.


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