Rush : Distant Early Warning

A co-worker and I were talking about how crazy it is that VW is using the song Fly By Night in the latest Passat commercial. And that spawned a conversation about how Rush was my first concert ever. I was 14, and went with my friend Blake. We were totally in the Prog Rock at the time, and super psyched to go. I think my mom let me go, because my brother who was also 16 was going and only sitting a few rows away from me. It was in 1984 at The Met Center, and they were touring for their Grace Under Pressure album, which was a bit of a departure for them, and also divisive among some fans, because of the introduction of synthesizers, and how they sometimes took the lead away from Alex Lifeson. I personally really liked the album, and was amazed at the show. They had lasers going through the show, the lights, the solos, all amazing to a 14 year old wide eyed kid. I kind of wish I still had that concert jersey, it was pretty awesome. So, today, I give you the first single off of Grace Under Pressure, and the live version of it. Enjoy a little of the past…


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