Olive : I’m Not In Love (10cc cover)

Day three of the electronica week posts. Today is a cover of the 1970s classic I’m Not In Love. I love this cover, it’s such a great update to the original, which really sounds dated when you listen to it today. It’s a very ’70s song. But Olive, with their Trip Hop roots, stays well within the realm of the original, but then change it enough to make it feel like it was written yesterday, and not almost 40 years ago… Olive has only released 2 albums, their first Extra Virgin was released in 1996, and featured the single You’re Not Alone, and the second was released in 2000, and featured this song. They have been on a long hiatus ever since. There have been rumors that they are working on a new album, but the rumor had that album being released in 2011, so I’m not really holding my breath on that one. I do hope that they do come back and put out a new album, as they were one of my favorite Trip Hop bands back in the day. But for now, I will have to keep listening to the two albums that I have…


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