Solar Twins : Rock The Casbah (The Clash Cover)

Day four of the electronica week here at the blog. Now, I know that I will probably get a lot of crap for this cover. The Clash purists will say that this is pretty much blasphemy and a horrible cover. But, the song is not a punk song, it’s a dance song. It’s a pop song. With the funky bass and piano leading the melody, the lack of guitar, it’s definitely not a punk song. This is just a updated dance version of a dance song. I mean, the song reached no. 8 on the dance charts! They did an instrumental dance remix of the song called Mustapha Dance! Okay, now that rant is over. Let’s get to the Solar Twins. They were a very short lived band, consisting of Joanna Stevens and David Norland, they were signed to Maverick Records after a performance at The Viper Room. They only put out one album before creative differences split them up, and this was their only hit. But if you are going to have a hit, it might as well be a great song covering one of the best bands that ever lived. The song is very different than the original, a much more sensual exotic version, aided by Joanna’s breathy vocals… I love this version, although, I do love the original just a little bit better…


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