The Ocean Blue : Ballerina Out of Control

I blogged a little while ago about how The Ocean Blue was coming out with a new album. Well, it’s time for them to start playing out live again too! Yesterday, they announced their first shows in years! They will be playing the 7th St. Entry on January 12th, and at Schuba’s in Chicago the next night. So far, those are the only dates announced, but that’s still big news for The Ocean Blue fans. I bought my tickets, and I can only hope that things work out in scheduling (there are some events that might bump above the show, which would make me sad). Now, this is their second favorite song of mine, their favorite song, I have already blogged about. This was off their second album, Cerulean. They did have somewhat of the sophomore slump, as this was not as good as their debut, but as I go back and listen, it’s still a strong album. So, enjoy the song and get your tickets!


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