U2 : Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) (Darlene Love Cover)


Years ago, I worked at a place called The County Seat. I have no idea of anyone really remembers that place, but it was a national chain. I worked at the Rosedale store, and it was consistently one of the top stores in the country. Well, of course, the day after Christmas, we got our Christmas tape to play in the store. One year, we got the “A Very Special Christmas” album as our tape. And as it was only about an hour long, I usually heard every song on that tape at least 5 times every time I worked, and if I worked a long shift, many more times. And well, the only song that I actually liked on that tape was this song. I was a big fan of U2 at the time, so it wasn’t hard for me to like it. At the time, I never knew it was a cover song, it wasn’t until years later when I heard the original playing on the radio that I found out it was a cover. All these years later, I still really like this song, and I still bring it out every Christmas. It’s a classic that never gets old for me… I hope it becomes part of your Christmas rotation also…


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