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The Wallets : Totally Nude

Today’s post comes with sadness in my heart. Late last night, I found out that Steve Kramer of The Wallets passed away while at the Sundance Festival. Steve was the founder of the Wallets, who were a quirky, art band … Continue reading

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Benjamin Gibbard : Bigger Than Love

I love this song. It’s is a signature Ben Gibbard song. I don’t know why he’s gone with Benjamin, maybe because he needs to distance himself from Death Cab for this solo record, or maybe he’s going to be going … Continue reading

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Idlewild : American English

I first liked Idlewild when I heard the song Roseability. I immediately went out and bought their CD. Loved it. I have been following them ever since. The thing is, this song, is probably my favorite from them, Ever. Period. … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook : Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Featuring Ingrid Michaelson)

So, today, this song was released. It stars the children of Sandy Hook, all ages 6 to 9. The kids traveled up to the house of Tina Weymouth and Chris Franz both of Talking Heads Tom Tom Club fame, to … Continue reading

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Bob Mould : Can’t Fight It

As I was watching the new movie, See a Little Light, which documented the concert at the Disney Concert Hall, where many musicians celebrated Bob Mould’s music, it got me wondering, if I was a musician, and asked to participate, … Continue reading

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PK : Berelain

Now, I don’t know much about this band from Southern California. I found out about them on the website Spinner, and their new EP was in the free preview section. Had no idea who they were, but thought I would … Continue reading

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