Bob Mould : Can’t Fight It


As I was watching the new movie, See a Little Light, which documented the concert at the Disney Concert Hall, where many musicians celebrated Bob Mould’s music, it got me wondering, if I was a musician, and asked to participate, what songs would I choose. This song is definitely one that I would have done. It’s a little known song, that was featured on the compilation, No Alternative. A song that never made it to one of his records, a song that he would pull out at the occasional solo show, but never really played all that much. It’s about a bad break-up, and how it was this one-sided decision to break up, but trying to deal with all the consequences that came with the break-up. At the time that this was released, Bob had not come out of the closet yet. Which now when I listen to the lyrics, it just proves that a relationship is a relationship, no matter what the sex of the people involved. His words are so real, they describe any broken relationship. I know, because I was going through almost exactly what he wrote in this song at the time it was released. I used it to help comfort me and give explanation to what was going on. It’s such a great song, and a departure from most of Bob’s songbook, but to me, one of his best…


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