Idlewild : American English


I first liked Idlewild when I heard the song Roseability. I immediately went out and bought their CD. Loved it. I have been following them ever since. The thing is, this song, is probably my favorite from them, Ever. Period. Hands down. They are a brilliant band, but this song is the pinnacle of anything they ever wrote. It was released 10 years ago, and whenever I listen to it, it still seems as fresh as the day I first heard it, and to me, it’s just a timeless song. From the opening guitar riff, to the building up of the song, to the eventual slow let down, it’s all just amazing in my opinion. Rumor has it, the original version was over 7 minutes long, but the record company immediately knew it was going to be a hit and one of the singles, so they ended up making it radio friendly at just a little over 4 minutes. I really wish they would release the 7 minute version, because I listen to the song, and can just envision how epic the 7 minute version would be. One can only hope that they re-release The Remote Part with extras, and that’s one of the extras… but for now, listen to the released version…


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