Benjamin Gibbard : Bigger Than Love


I love this song. It’s is a signature Ben Gibbard song. I don’t know why he’s gone with Benjamin, maybe because he needs to distance himself from Death Cab for this solo record, or maybe he’s going to be going with Benjamin from now on. I don’t know, but I don’t care as long as he keeps putting out great music. He was able to bring in Aimee Mann to help him out with this song, and by far, this is the best song on the record. I kind of wonder if this song was originally meant for Death Cab and he decided to keep it for himself. It definitely has a similar feel to Underneath the Sycamore off Codes and Keys… Now, I’m just waiting for Ben(jamin) to do another Postal Service album, THAT would make my year, or decade… but in the meantime, enjoy the song…

And here’s the performance on the Colbert Report…—-bigger-than-love-?xrs=share_copy


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