The Soviettes : Multiply and Divide


The Soviettes were a four member punk band from Minneapolis in the early ’00s, unfortunately, they were fairly short lived, breaking up after 5 years. Luckily, they did release 3 albums in that time. No one knows for sure why they did break up. Even the drummer Danny said of the break up “I don’t know why we broke up, It was pretty natural. Bands are relationships, they’re just more complicated because it’s a four-way deal.” They did break up in the height of their career, having signed to Fat Wreck records for their third album. Fat Wreck is owned by NoFX’s Fat Mike. Back in 2010, they did do some reunion shows, celebrating the release of a rarities album. Unfortunately, none of the reunions seemed to stick. So, hopefully, in the future, there might be one of those reunions that do stick. But in the meantime, we have their music to get us by…


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