The Gateway District : Leaving Me Behind


Well, this is turning into Minneapolis Punk week… so I might as well continue it. Today’s post is kind of a supergroup of more underground punk here in Minneapolis. The band consists of Nate Gangelhoff (Banner Pilot, Off With Their Heads), Maren Macosko (The Soviettes), Brad Lokkesmoe (Dear Landlord) and Carrie Bleser (The Salteens). With all the time spent with their other bands, they don’t always have time to get together for The Gateway District, but when they do, it’s always a great time. When asked about the name, Nate replied “It was a part of Minneapolis (around Hennepin and Washington, basically) that was sort of like the heart of the city for awhile and, based on stories and photography from the era, was pretty fascinating: really great architecture, and a lot of character. And then…. they destroyed most of it in the ’50s. The sad thing is the city seems to never learn when it comes to the value of these timeless landmarks.” When you listen to the Gateway District, you definitely see how each member helped contribute a little bit to each song, as there are songs that definitely feel like a conglomeration of all the bands involved… and it’s a good thing. So, if you like any of the above bands, I’m pretty sure that you will like these guys too… so check them out…


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