The Strokes : All The Time


Pre-Order week is continuing with the upcoming release of the new Strokes Album, Comedown Machine. I have been a long time fan of the band, ever since Is This It came out, but I have to admit, the Strokes kind of lost me on the last album, it was not a great release from them. It certainly did not grab me like earlier releases from the band. So, when I heard that they were coming out with a new album, I wasn’t really that excited. But I decided to listen to the new song, and I’m really pleasantly surprised. They matured their sound from the last album, and grew their sound from just the standard jangly guitar that they were so known for. I’m really quite impressed with the new song, and I think that you will be to when you listen to it… So, check it out! Side note, when I went to London via Iceland Air, on our trip back, The Strokes were on our plane from London to Iceland, since they were playing some music festival there. It was kind of cool.


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