Macklemore & Ryan Lewis : Wings


So, I admit, I am a fan of these guys. I have blogged about them before. But this post isn’t so much of a gush fest. I was a fan of this song and video long ago, and when listening to it, it’s a very impactful statement on our love of consumerism, buying into the marketing, our search of identity through the brands that we wear so proudly on our shoes and clothes. Even going as far as killing in the pursuit to have the almighty Jordan’s. Now, I was extremely surprised that the song was being used to promote the NBA All Star Game. Knowing the song and knowing the content, it just didn’t feel like the right fit for me. So, I looked up the promo for the NBA All Star Game, and they totally re-cut the song to fit their needs, and well, I felt that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis kind of stood down from their principles and standards for the almighty dollar and the exposure to become bigger. Many people have said that they have sold out. And I see their point. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have gotten so much flack about it, that they even posted on their website their response to this issue. And while I have come to my own conclusion after seeing the evidence, you can come to your own conclusion after watching the two videos, and reading their response. I still like their songs, but it is going to be hard to look at them in the same way… So, without further ado, here are the videos…

The Original Video and Song:

The NBA All Star Promo:


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